Edward L. Kurth, Attorney at Law, P.C.



Consumer Protection

Whether it’s a new home, a car, an insurance policy, a home or auto loan, or a new appliance, you have the right to get what you paid for.

Construction Law

My firm represents the legal interests of victims of construction defects — errors in design and construction that cause serious injury or substantial financial expense

Business and Contract Disputes

When you have a disagreement between business partners, management or shareholders over operation of the business, a contract, breach of trust, or allegations of business fraud, I can help.

Insurance Bad Faith

If your car was damaged in an accident or your property was damaged by hazardous weather in south central Texas, and your insurance company has been slow to respond, Edward L. Kurth protects your rights.

Experience That Benefits You, Your Family And Your Business In San Antonio

Innocent victims of injury caused by a careless driver or a dangerous product, consumers deceived by a business, homebuyers defrauded by shoddy construction, insurance policyholders whose trust has been betrayed, and disputes among business partners or the people they do business with – all of these important constituencies deserve attentive, aggressive legal representation. Edward L. Kurth, Attorney at Law, P.C., delivers that effective advocacy every day. Located in the neighborhood of Bluffview at Camino Real, in San Antonio, our law firm represents clients in the surrounding areas and throughout south central Texas.

Consumers left seriously injured and ill due to exposure to dangerous, defective or malfunctioning products or the careless actions of another need a skilled attorney to help them protect their rights. I will put my decades of experience to work for you, in and out of court.

Has your insurance company been unfair or dishonest with you about your policy, what it covers, and the help you need after an accident or a weather disaster? I will work hard to level the playing field and hold insurers accountable for the damages you have suffered.

Business partners or the companies you do business with can disagree in any number of ways. When these disagreements interfere with the operations of your business or even require dissolution of your company, as a skilled commercial litigation lawyer I can restore order to the chaos in your business and safeguard your interests.